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Well, you certainly have been very familiar to hear these words "Don’t be Afraid" if there is a scary thing around you, people will try to soothe with that sentence, right?


The idea lifting up this phrase as a brand and connect it with the theme of the classic horror characters appear when I think what the characters are so familiar to everyone but need not be trademarked, well I think everyone had heard tales about ghosts or even ever experience it directly, there are many kinds of ghost stories in everywhere, every country has their own version of the ghost tales and folklores, perhaps the second most famous tales after bedtime stories.


Since everybody already knows it so no need to be difficult to introduce it, then so be it the classic horror as concept theme, worried people are afraid when wearing the T-shirt, well.. just "Do not be Afraid" and enjoy the spotlight moment in crowd because you wear a fun and unique t-shirt.


Here at Don’t be Afraid (DBA), we specialize in pure classic horror characters and eerie moment inspired for t-shirt designs. Most of the horror characters adepted from any country folklore and ghost tales, the source may vary.


Right now we just released the designs with most familiar ghost characters but we also like to hear from you, so if you think you've got an awesome spooky experience, just send me the story and describe the looks of the spirit you’ve encounter, maybe we can release it as new design. Do not forget to tell us about your expression when encounter the spirit so we can describe it onto the design, like this :



In the future we may also release the design with not only contain with ghost and spooky things but it could be anything that trigger people to be afraid of, such as afraid of natural disaster, afraid of dark, afraid of becoming fat, afraid of poverty etc.


This is A PEACE OF CLOTH. What is the meaning of PEACE OF CLOTH (POC) not Piece of Cloth as usual? A PEACE OF CLOTH means that every profit sales that we gain will be donate in some percentage for good things and those who desperately need . So by buying our products means you have participated in contribution to the goodness, because Don’t be Afraid Clothing always put aside some percentage of the profit sales as a donation to those who need it most. Once a year there are some events of crossing the ancestral spirits and other lost or starving spirits to a better place which is called Jao Tu events / Ulambana at certain monasteries, we also send the donation to this event because this event helps many ghosts and lost spirits to achieve their final resting place, peacefully.


Then Hurry Up invite your friends and relatives to buy the products of Don’t be Afraid, as more and more products are sold means the more the funds collected, and the more souls can reach their final resting place, the more lives will be saved, and so we expect more and more peaceful in this world.


And don't forget to send in pictures of you showing off your Don’t be Afraid T-shirt to get 5% discount on your next product purchase.


If you've got any suggestions, questions, or comments about our products or our site, please send us a quick email at ideas@dontbe-afraid.com



May All Beings be Happy



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